A Light in the Darkness

The forest is vast—always wild, and sometimes cruel. Even unforgiving. There is great beauty there, and danger also. It’s here we find ourselves, one and all. What can we do but try our best to keep to the path? To endeavor to enjoy the journey, even as we trudge through—always moving—knowing that inevitably we’ll come out on the other side?

There are challenges—obstacles to overcome, and streams to cross. The opportunities to rest are few and far between. And sometimes—sometimes it’s so dark.

But then, if you look, you might see it. There in the darkness, at the heart of the deep, black woods. There’s a light—a glow.

It’s the hope. It’s the way forward. It’s a temporary reprieve in the midst of the savage wilderness.

It’s alright. Everything will be alright.

Let’s keep moving forward.

Words by Gregory Josephs

Photo by Brian Stricker – Great Smoky Mountains National Park – TN

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