California Sunset

Ignoring our aching feet, Brian and I took a deep breath and started up the seemingly endless Hidden Garden Steps.  We’d been walking around San Francisco for the better part of a week, and we were tired.  Still, it was imperative to press on.  This was our last night—our last opportunity to catch a California sunset.

At the top, the ever-present wind coming off the water refreshed us.  There was still a long way to climb, but we were nearly there.  As we walked down the street, ever upward, we glimpsed a view of the city below between houses and imagined how it must feel to wake up every morning with that view.

Around a corner we reached the final set of steps up to Grand View Park.  The sun was low, and the golden hour was coming to an end.  We had to hurry now—the moment was evanescent—and if we missed this opportunity there might never be another one.

We were visiting my sister, who’d moved to California about a year go with her boyfriend.  Their time in the city was coming to an end, as they had designs to move a little farther north.  I liked to think maybe we’d climb those stairs again one day, and maybe we will, but this was our last, best opportunity to do it for sure.  Never again would my sister live here, in this neighborhood.  To do this another time would be an effort I’m not sure we’ll ever expend.

‘California Sunset’ by Brian Stricker. Click for purchase options.

We reached the top of the ancient dune and found ourselves bathed in golden light.  After a short walk along a sandy path to the hilltop’s western edge, any aches in our feet evaporated, eclipsed by the beauty of the setting sun as it dipped closer to the water on the horizon.

Lost for words and whipped by the wind, Brian pulled out his camera and went to work.  He snapped twenty pictures in short order, each magnificent in its way.  But as the sun finally kissed the sea, he put the camera aside and stood quietly beside me.

This moment was singular; it was unique.  I leaned into him, chilled by the wind as the last, red bit of the sun disc was swallowed by the Pacific beyond.

“I’m glad we came.” He said.

“So am I.”

If you love Brian’s ‘California Sunset’ as much as we do, consider clicking here to see how you can order a copy for yourself.  This would look awesome on canvas, or even as a mug.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let us know your thoughts.  Have you ever visited San Francisco’s Grand View Park?  Where is your favorite place to catch a sunset.  Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you,

Greg and Brian


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