Bird House

Sometimes a little hospitality shows up in the most unlikely places.  The top of Northern Colorado’s Poudre Canyon can be a harsh place many months of the year.  I’ve seen it snow in August, and often things don’t entirely melt until May.

On a recent trip to the remote Lake Agnes that lies just beyond, we pulled over to the side of the highway to snap a couple pictures of the ominous Nokhu Crags.  Wandering off into the grass and down toward the river, Brian spotted a flash of red.

A birdhouse hides away in a stump at the top of Colorado’s Poudre Canyon. (Click image to see purchase options)

Imagine our surprise at encountering this beautiful little hand-painted birdhouse.  It’ll probably remain a mystery as to where it came from or how long it’s been there, but he was happy to immortalize it in this gorgeous photo.

It’s a lucky bird that calls this home.


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It’s also available for purchase here.

birdhouse art for sale

Have you ever stumbled across some unexpected hospitality?  What do you think of this photo?  Please let us know in the comments below.

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